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Published on 18 Jun 2019

Organisations need to win in the marketplace - no doubt... but is a competitive style required to be a good sales person? Sam Mead and Dominic Gourley talk about how sales people can be more successful by adopting a Constructive approach instead.

Published on 12 Jun 2019

As an Accredited Practitioner, you have access to a range of Development Pathway events to build your skills and confidence. Sue Bigham and Dominic Gourley talk this week about our event “GSI: Getting the most out of teams” which focuses on building facilitating and debriefing confidence of the GSI.

Published on 04 Jun 2019

Darren Levy and Dominic Gourley talk about innovation and change management, how important it is to connect the dots between idea generation and execution, and how you go about engaging people in a new idea.

Published on 28 May 2019

Darren Levy and Dominic Gourley chat about the concept of change fatigue and that’s it’s not about the change itself but the way it’s being implemented.

Published on 28 May 2019

To celebrate having reached our 50th Culture Bites Podcast episode, we have compiled a list of all past episodes into their relating topic for easy listening!

Published on 21 May 2019

Over the last few Culture Bites Podcast episodes, Sue Bigham and Dominic Gourley have been talking a lot about debriefing the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) – but as a participant, having just been debriefed what are the sorts of conversations you might want or need to have to further your development.

Published on 14 May 2019

Sue Bigham and Dominic Gourley talk about how to approach a debrief where someone’s self-thinking and self talk (LSI 1) is high in the defensive styles, but people are seeing them as really constructive (LSI 2).

Published on 30 Apr 2019

If you're in a debrief and the LSI1 of how the person see themselves is very different than the LSI2 of how others see them - don't freak out... follow these tips instead.

Published on 17 Apr 2019

What do you talk about when someone has a constructive LSI 1 and 2 profile?  Sue Bigham gives you tips on how you can always add value and use each debrief as an opportunity for growth and learning.

Published on 10 Apr 2019

Putting in time to build rapport at the start of a debrief can be invaluable later in bringing their data to life. Rather than jumping straight into the data, use some time upfront to understand who the person is, what is going on for them (at work and home).